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Long time ago in Singapore, there are no such beautiful art painting or design on customers nails, just nail polish, not even gel polished. But we still have acrylic extensions but gel extension is rare. Every manicurists just use tooth pick to pick up some white polish to paint on their nails for 5 dots of so call flowers. At that times, it’s already something which U can be proud of!

As PNC's Founder was an artist, how can she satisfy with just like that?  No of cause, her passion of art, make PNC became renowned across South East Asia & also form an international education team name "SONA".  We shared our knowledge n skills internationally n is also loved by all salons local n oversea for our skills n products we create n distributing.            

Nothing but still humble. Beside determination, what we have is our good ethic in business. No lying, no cheating, no gimmicks, no games. Use our heart for everything we do. Be grateful n be nice to everyone as everyone is equally important. I’m proud to said we have make it n make it good!

28 years, PNC is successful because we have great n beautiful customers like you, we are honour n grateful that our local n oversea faithful customers trust n have great faith with the products we use n sell.                                                                            

 "Top 20 Global Business Brilliance Awards" & "Singapore Brands Awards" are title and Trust. Who make us one? You make us who we are, without "YOU", we are nobody.   THANK YOU.

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  • Emily

    The selection and level of customer service are both amazing! I love shopping here, and the team is always ready to point me in the right direction, thanks guys!

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  • Jamie

    possibly imagine! It's great for all nail techs! It's like candy store, so easy to get lost in! The owner are very helpful and knowledgeable. Can't wait to come back again!

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