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Your nails, despite being one of the smallest parts of your body, helps you feel more confident about yourself and can complete your whole look. Having healthy and nice-looking nails can make you feel good about yourself. Once you have achieved those healthy and attractive nails, you can also express your individuality and personality thorugh nail art. It may be part of the trend nowadays, but it can also be a way for anyone to express themselves through their nails. 

PNC Traders offers a variety of colours and shades of nail polish that you can play around with to find the colour combination and the nail art that suits you. You can check out the following nail art designs that you can do with PNC Traders's Brite Pure Gel Polish.

Feeling down in the dumps or maybe the rainy days are making you feel idle and sluggish? You can brighten up your day with sunny designs and colours on your nails. You can se shades of yellow and pink and design your nails with daisies and other dainty flowers to perk you up! To have this look, yo can use Brite Pure Gel Polish in P001, P014, P130 and P068. You can polish your look with the Brite Non-Cleansing Top Coat.

If having too many colours on your nails is not your thing, you can come up with a look with just 2 to 3 colours. To achieve this look you can use Brite Pre Gel Polish in P075, P120 and P024 and finish off with the Top Coat.

The French tip is one of the classic looks in nail art. But if you want to give it a twist, you can opt for the coloured French tip! It can give your nails a classy yet more youthful vibe! If this is something that fits your personality and mood, you can create this design with Brite Pure Gel Polish in different colours!

If you are in the mood for gradient colours, you can stick to one colour and play with the different shades. To achieve a design that can match your outfit, you can design your nails with gradient pastels. Aside from gradient pastels, you can also try pink and green combination to keep your nails looking bright and perky! For this look, you can don Brite Pure Gel Polish in P091, P112, P120, P193 and finish with the Non-Cleansing Top Coat.

Another way to amp up your nails is combine a nude base colour with wavy or geometric designs. In this look, the base colour was livened up with the bright wavy lines, putting more character into the once basic look. To achieve this design, you can use Brite Gel Polish in P075, P134, P028, P072 and P028.

If you feel more daring to explore, with different colours, you can give polish with a matte finish a try! Feeling even more adventurous, you can use black, pink and white combination! Again, let your nails help to convey your individuality. 

These are but some of the designs that can inspire you to express yourself through your nails. Check out the PNC Traders website to see more of the products that you can try to make your nails an extension of your personality.