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Now that wearing a mask is a popular (and the safest!) thing to do these days, a lot of people think it is useless to get all dolled up when going out. You may think that face masks might be cramping your style but don't fret! You can still glam up your hair, your eyes and even your nails to feel beautiful even with your mask on!

While prepping yor hair and eyes may take more time and effort, donning a nice and complementing shade on your nails can definitely complete your look. For this year, check out the colours and shades to try during your nail pampering time.

Reds - Be it deep red, coral red or any other shade of red, it speaks of a very classic and and alluring colour. They say that it is the colour for this year. With its intense hue, it sets off a positive and energetic vibe, perfect for someone who like yo take charge and who means business.

Nudes - You can never go wrong with nude shades. This kind of shade is definitely classic and timeless. You can wear it as it is or add accents, perfect for the classy and simple look that you want for that corporate meeting or even a casual date. 

Yellow - Whether pastel or vibrant shade of yellow, this colour can help brighten up the day and improve your mood. It reminds you of summer and how it makes everything spring to life. It is versatile and can work well with any ensemble that you come up with. 

Minty Green- This shade speaks of calmness and relaxation. Its adds a spark of colour to your nail, but at the same time, maintains a sense of sophistication with it. It goes well with all skin tones.

Candy Pink - Being pretty in pink draws attention since it suggests a sense of adventure and feminity at once. Pair it up with your favourite sundress and you're ready to go out and have fun!

Gray - If you want a splash of colour but still with a more laid-back look, you can go for shades with gray tones. It conveys a sense of seriousness without much intimidation and complements your casual, everyday look.

Mulberry - Another shade that you can wear everyday, this shade give a hint of playfulness with a touch of softness. You can easily match this shade with your daily accessories. 

Orange - Similar to shades of yellow, this vibrant colour exudes warmth, sunshine and creativity. It can work best when you wear clothes of neutral colours for it to stand out.

White - Another color that is always safe to pair with anything is the timeless shade of white. It speaks of elegance and purity, perfect for that summer wedding or formal gathering with friends. 

PNC Traders offers a wide range of nail polish shades and colors that suit your every mood or any occasion.  Feel free to check out their online catalogues and choose the shades that suit you best and give your nails that glow up it deserves!