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"No pain, no gain." That is the mantra of most women, and even men, who go for waxing. It is not entirely what you call a relaxing trip to the salon. In fact, some even dread doing it, but they want to, for beauty's sake! By practicing some of these tips, your first waxing appointment doesn't have to be a nerve-wracking trip.

Pick your method.

You know your body best so look at hair removal options that you feel comfortable with. If you think that you want to give waxing a try, make sure that you prepare for it. Make sure that hair is of right length which is about ¼ to ½ so that the wax can stick to the hair well.


Try to exfoliate the night before you go to your waxing appointment. Gently exfoliate your skin in order to remove the dead skin cells that can clog your hair follicles for a smoother waxing experience and to prevent ingrown hairs that can be unsightly.

Plan ahead.

For women, try scheduling your waxing appointment a week or two after your period so that your skin is not as sensitive and not prone to more swelling. Also avoid drinking until after your appointment as alcohol tends to make your blood thinner, making you more sensitive to pain. If you do not know whether you'd be able to take the pain, try taking a pain killer half and hour before the appointment to ease your discomfort.

Come clean.

Come to your appointment fresh and clean to help the wax work way better on your skin. Natural body oils and sweat can stop the wax from sticking to your skin and prevent the waxing fromgetting the result that you'd want. Prepare yourself for your waxing appointment by taking a quick shower before going and avoiding lotion or other creams on your skin.

Know what you want and tell them.

Your technician cannot read your mind so it is best to discuss how much hair you want removed and where you want it gone before the waxing begins. If you are not sure, ask your technician for recomendations. Better to know for sure than to be unhappy with the ressults. 

After care is crucial too!

After the procedure, your technition will give you a list of things you have to do to help stop the redness and swelling, like applying a cold pack to the waxed area to prevent bmps and ingrown hairs. You can also use a moisturizing slave or even milk to calm your skin. 

Protect your skin

After waxing, try not to expose yourself to the sun as waxed skin is more sensitive to sunbrun. Put on sunscreen lotion of at least 50 SPF and put off going to the beach for a bit.

Wax and repeat!

To maximise the benefits of waxing, try to do it more often. If you become a regular waxer, the procedure will hurt less and there will be less hair to wax because waxing reduces the strength of hair follicles.

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