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Skinny dip appropriate amount of O'ICHE Premium Glue, wait about 2~4 seconds and apply the extended eyelashes to the real eyelash. Can help your eyelash extension stay longer, normally can stay for 5~6 weeks after totally drying. Specially for the Expert eyelash technicians.


O'ICHE Super Glue is the professional glue for eyelash extension. Take the extended eyelashes to skinny dip in the O'ICHE Premium Glue, and the extended lashes would be adhered onto real lash well.

Processing time: 2-4 sec
 Preserve: The shady place, the temperature is under 18~24degree, and the relative humidity is under 60%.
 Operational environment: The temperature is between 23~28degree, and the relative humidity is between 50~65%.(55% is the best)
 Expiration date: in 6 months with unopened at room temperature. 2~4 weeks in Summer and 4~6weeks in Winter after opening. In the rainy season or in high temperature and high humidity area, the time will be shorten.
 Caution: store in Refrigerator to keep it stably for the relative humidity and temperature of glue.


Ethyl Cyano Acrylate,Cyano Acrylate,Poly Alkyl Methacrylate,Poly Isocyanate,Carbon Black / D&C Black No. 2,Water,N-methyl pyrrolidone

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